Xeroflor® vegetated roofing systems


Xeroflor® is a lightweight multi-layered green roof system that is easy to install, low maintenance and economical. The Xeroflor® system is a trusted and proven system for extensive green roof projects that has greened more than million m2 small and big rooftops around the world for over 40+ years. Xeroflor® is the perfect green roof solution for both retrofits and new builds.



   Instant green solution
   Easy & quick installation
   Low maintenance
   Stormwater management solution
   Certified root, wind and fire resistances
   Proven long-term performance
   Cost effective



Upfront costs are less because Xeroflor® systems are designed with minimal components that are easy and quick to install. The durable materials create long lasting, high performing green roofs that continue to help save on energy and storm water management year after year.

Trusted & Proven
Thriving green roofs of iconic buildings the world over, such as the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan, the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, the 8 Tallet in Denmark, and many more, were all built using Xeroflor® systems.

Safety Compliance of Xero Flor Green Roof systems

On fire resistance, the whole green roof system has been tested to EN13501-5, Class B roof (t1), not for individual components.

On wind turbulence, the system has been tested of more than 30 m/s or 108 km/h

The Xeroflor® Difference

Xeroflor®’s innovative urban greening concept was invented in Germany in 1972. Since that time the system continues to improve as new technologies and environmental concerns develop. Xeroflor® is committed to improving the quality of life by bringing engineered living systems into our urban landscapes.

Lightweight & Low Maintenance

Starting at only 49 kg/m2 (10 psf) at full saturation, Xeroflor® lightweight systems are perfect for retrofits. The thin flexible layers are easily retractable and replaceable, making roof membrane access simple, easy and clean. Low maintenance also means cost savings in the long term.

Stormwater Management

We incorporate innovative lightweight absorbent materials such as non-woven fleece and hygroscopic mineral wool in Xeroflor® systems to capture rainfall and filter out pollutants, resulting in reduced and cleaner runoff for a better environment.

Pre-vegetated Advantage

A selected network of growers offer pre-vegetated Xeroflor mats. These pre-vegetated mats mean instant green and benefits right from the start. They contain mature hardy plants that are heat and drought tolerant, showcasing a colorful display of flowers and foliage year-round.

Easy and Flexible

All components come in roll format that are quick and easy to install. No clips or ties are needed – simply butt the pre- vegetated mats together and the plant roots will join them together naturally via the clever built-in overlap. Plus, system buildups can be customized to meet specific needs.